Updated 2016

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Evaluation and feedback are among the most important tools in effective learning. The ACGME and the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) provide information about the validity and feasibility of a variety of evaluation methods that may be used to assess performance and skills.

The following instruments, developed for use with this Training Workbook, are based on ACGME-recommended methods. They include specialty competencies for primary care clinicians providing early abortion care, regardless of setting. They include essential knowledge, behaviors, and skills that primary care clinicians should be able to demonstrate upon application for practice in abortion care and the prevention of unintended pregnancy. These instruments are designed to assist in the evaluation of participants, faculty, staff, and the overall rotation. All forms may be used or adapted for the professional training program or high-volume training setting. These and various alternative evaluation forms can be downloaded separately at either http://teachtraining.org or www.rhedi.org.


For Advanced Skills evaluation, this section includes:



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